Richard J. Majapun


Sabah Forestry Department


Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology, Tree Plantation


1. using molecular markers to assess population genetic and mating system of selected endemic dipterocarps with RET (rare, endangered & threatened) status. 2. 
Rapid assessment on dipterocarps using multi-disciplinary study (diversity, IUCN status, Digital)

Educational Background

Degree in biotechnology and life sciences.


1. Departmental reports on Dipterocarp assessment within the Heart of Borneo areas in Sabah and other TPA (through scientific expeditions). 2. Phenology assessment, seeds recruitment and establishment of permanent sampling plots (PSP) for endemic dipterocarps. 3. Propagation on selected nepenthes and tree plantation species through tissue culture, vegetative cutting. 4. Predicting the potential impacts of climate change on the nepenthes distribution in Trusmadi. 5. Predicting the remaining habitat of Intsia 
palembanica in Sabah using ecological niche modelling.


1. Genetic rescue and conservation management on fragmented populations of Dipterocarpus ochraceus. 2. Establishment of ecological plots within the Dipterocarpus lamellatus population for long-term biodiversity monitoring. 3. impact of sea level changes in historical extend of lowland forest in South-east Asia (NTU, Singapore). 4. Plantation research and development in Sabah