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The Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo Island sits in the midst of one of the biodiversity hot spots of the world. One of its major concerns is the potential loss of biodiversity due to industrial development such as Oil Palm plantations. To enact effective policies to conserve biodiversity, Sabah needs an accurate and integrated view of its biodiversity.

Unfortunately, such knowledge is scattered in more than 20 organizations that collect specimen data in different formats and schemas and is always stored locally in silos. Furthermore, biodiversity information, including flora and fauna, covers vast and diverse subjects that are very difficult to model with traditional information modeling techniques. Merging this diverse information together to enable integrated understanding and discovery is a data integrating problem of mammoth proportion.

Our Data Contributor 

Sabah Forestry Department 

Person In Charge : Puan Andi Maryani Mustapeng 

The Board of Trustees of Sabah Parks

Person In Charge : Tuan Fred Yuh Yit Yu 

Department Of Fisheries Sabah 

Person In Charge : Tuan Vejay Jailon 

Sabah Wildlife Department

Person in Charge : Tuan Mohd Soffian Abu Bakar

Yayasan Sabah CAFRD

Person In Charge : Tuan Khairul Idham Sahirin

Institute For Tropical Biology and Conservation, UMS

Person In Charge : Puan Patherine Anak Jimbau 


Borneo Marine Research Institute 

Person In Charge : Puan Flora Anne Asalin