Eyen Khoo


Sabah Forestry Department


Conservation, Flora diversity, Tree Plantation.


1. Flora Diversity (Dipterocarpaceae and Fagaceae)

2. Biodiversity and Conservation (IUCN Red Listing: Global & Regional/ Plant Propagation)

3. Plantation (Indigenous Species in Plantation Establishment)

Educational Background

BSc. Biological Sciences (Plant Science), University of Leicester, UKMSc. Plant Genetic Manipulation, University of Nottingham, UK.


1. Organizing Committee & Session ChairFlora Malesiana 11 Symposia, Brunei Darussalam (2019)

2. IUCN Red List Assessor & ReviewerDipterocarpaceae, Fagaceae and Borneo/Sabah endemic tree species 

3. Editor - Sepilok Bulletin Journal (2016 - Now)4. Author - Plant Material Transfer Guidelines for Tropical Forest Species (2017)(Other publication lists would be delivered only if it is required.)


1. Floral Diversity Assessments (Dipterocarpaceae/Fagaceae) in Totally Protected and Community Areas in Sabah.

2. IUCN Red Listing (Global & Regional): Dipterocarpaceae, Fagaceae and other Borneo/Sabah endemic tree species.

3. Propagation and Conservation of Selected Threatened and Endangered Tree Species in Sabah.

4. Conservation of High Mountain Rhododendrons: Sabah Endemics.

5. Impact of Sea Level Changes in the Historical Extend of Lowland Forest in South East Asia (NTU, Singapore).

6. Evaluation of Loss of Large Animals on Large Seeded-Plants and Figs in Sabah, Malaysia (Hiroshima University, Japan).

7. Plantation Research and Development: Indigenous & Exotic Species Utilization in Sabah.