Mohd. Aminur Faiz Bin Suis


Sabah Forestry Department


Ecology, Flora diversity.


  1. Ecology (Fern ecology and tropical forest ecosystem assessment);
  2. Floral diversity (Fern identification)

Educational Background

BSc. (Hons) (Plant Biology) (Universiti Sains Malaysia), MSc. (Ecological Processes) (Universiti Malaysia Sabah)


Suis, M.A.F., Anthony, F. & Suleiman, M. (2016). Additions to the fern flora of the Trusmadi Range, Sabah, Malaysia. Transactions on Science and Technology, 3(2):313-318.2) Jumat, N.R., Suis, M.A.F., Shamsudin, N.A., Kanak, F.A., Masnoddin, M., Gansau, J.A. & Matawali, A. (2018). Preliminary investigations for antioxidant properties of ferns species collected in Long Banga, Sarawak. International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences (Special Issue), 9:130-136.3) Tangah, J., Nilus, R., Sugau, J.B., Titin, J., Paul, V., Yahya, F., Suis, M.A.F. & Chung, A.Y.C. (2018). The establishment of Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) plots in the Sepilok mangroves. Sepilok Bulletin, 27:1-22. 4) Suis, M.A.F., Miun, J., Tingkoi, L. & Nilus, R. (2019). Inventory of terrestrial mammals and birds in Sungai Pin Conservation Area, Kinabatangan. Sepilok Bulletin, 28:49-67.5) Pesiu, E., Nilus, R., Sugau, J., Suis, M.A.F., Butin, P., Miun, P., Tingkoi, L., Miun, J., Gubilil, M., Mangkawasa, H., Majapun, R. & Abdullah, M.T. (2019). Taxanomic composition and  conservation status in Imbak Canyon, Sabah, Malaysia. Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation, 16:79-100.6) Chung, A.Y.C., Nilus, R., Sugau, J.B.S., Suis, M.A.F. & Salleh, M. (2020). Compilation of papers – Mount Silam Scientific Expedition, Lahad Datu, Sabah. 13th-18th January, 2020. Sabah Forestry Department, Sandakan, Sabah. 149 pp. ISBN: 978-967-0180-22-9.


  1. Tropical forest ecosystem assessment
  2. Mammal rapid survey